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Hey everybody,

Firstly, sorry for a lack of artworks these couple of months... and most likely the coming months too -_-;

Secondly, well~ I will be STGCC 2012 at Marina Bay Sands this September 2012 with the guys at Imaginary Friends Studio.
We will be selling prints and artbooks as usual, and of course doing live demos. So if you're in Singapore, feel free to drop by and say hi (if you're a pretty girl XD... kidding, just drop by and say hi)

And if there's any artwork in my gallery that anyone is interested, do tell me :)

So hope to see some of you guys next week :)

Cheers Luches/Okita/Leos

Visit my Tumblr
and Society6
Hahahahh I think I had been ignoring alot of new social networks for a the longest time.

But here's my tumblr account

Pretty much only queuing old works up, hopefully I will upload some sketches there too :D

And here's another shore front that I just opened, there's abit more options for prints there :p

Do support ^^
Haven't been doing this journal thingy for quite a while.

Sorry about the lack of updates like since forever...

Anyway, just wanna keep my followers updated about stuffs that's going on
Firstly, I'm still alive, as everyone here can see :)

Secondly, I am gonna try to work on my own artbook (attempt no ... what I can't remember,
I will try to work around a theme no prize for guessing the topic, which will be the on the
Zeppelin Girl :)

Of course as I am thinking of working a bit of story into the world, there's might be
some edits to existing pieces to accommodate some changes to the stories
and new characters :)

So I will like to know, will you guys prefer I leave the original pieces as they are now,
or update them accordingly? Or shall I leave it for the book :)
Great thanks to :iconvalentina-remenar: for suggesting it to :iconmacrebisz: to feature my latest artwork for the daily deviation award

And a great thanks to all the new watchers and the people who +fav the work, right now I couldn't reply to every one of them, but I will certainly visit every one of the new watchers. (After the excitement dies down of course) :D

It had been a while since my last award, but still I will never get tired of the joy and the pride of seeing my own works among the other daily deviations.
Ah... been a while since I written anything here...

Been very busy... been happy and sad, been to Japan and back.

Well thought it is best that I shall update you guys a little, I am not not dead or gone. I still return
constantly to check for news/nice artworks. Just that personal artworks are much lesser. Well~
not that I haven't done anything yet, just that some of the personal works can't be show for a while
(or maybe not...)

Haiz... got to get out into the sun once in while again...
Weeeee~ my copy of Exotique 6 had just arrived two days ago

It had been a while since I was lasted featured in a ballistic publishing

Here is a preview of the book…

Hahaha see if anyone can find my work in there, hint, it is a rather old piece of

AND last but not least, the Singapore Toy Games and Comic Con is just round the corner
in fact, it will be happening this Friday, and like the previous years I will still be
there with the guys from IFS to sell our prints, and do some live demo. So feel free
to drop by our booth and say hello to everyone.
Thought I shall do a little update here before anyone thought something bad had happened to me.

Well there's more good things than bad things, but that aside, recently I got rather more busy during my free time and that explain the sudden stop in submission of new artworks, which I suspect can drag on to as late as Dec this year and in a way making this one of my lowest artwork submission year if it goes on -_-;;;;

But fear no~~~~ I does had some works done, both personal and professional although I have to wait to submit them ^^.

And some good news to lift everyone's spirit (well at least for my own ego sake :p ) some of my works will be appearing in one of the upcoming issue of the Imaginefx magazine, they told me it will be the Dec issue, but there's a chance of it appearing sooner or later ^^;
Hi guys, I did a tutorial for a local forum on the recent black rock shooter that I did.
It on my blog now :D…
Finally Cosfest ended yesterday, and I finally get to relax for a while.

A big thank you to everyone who visited the booth, I am virtually stuck there for both days for the entire event. I was actually planning to walk around for the second day, but a hectic crazy timetable for the first day totally drained my energy, where I had to rush to 3 different locations within a 2 hours frame and within that timeframe, needing to drag my stuffs up 4 flights of stairs and before that surviving on just a packet of mints sweet.

I really do apologize if I seem too shag out on the second day, luckily and unfortunately, one of my friend chris decided to back out of this event after he had his tiring round in another event the previous day, the booth have enough chair for my other friend manning the booth and me, thus the 2 of us get to sit whenever we want to, unlike the last year.

Right now I am just too tired to think straight even after a whole day of doing nothing, even picking my stylus up to draw felt strange.
Seeya at the event tomorrow, I will be at booth 1 wherever that is.
Okay I lowered the price of my prints on the dA for this and the following weeks.

So anyone who is interested to get any prints, please move now :D
Okay 2 weeks to Cosfest (a big local anime/cosplay/doujin event) and... I had to go back to serve and protect the nation as all physically and mentally fit Singaporean must.

Haiz and that left me with no time to finish another painting for Cosfest, so I guess that painting will have to wait till A.C.M.E or STGCC. The last week till now was hell, rushing projects, personal pieces and at the same time preparing for my duties >_<....

The good thing that came out of last week, was to find a good stall of Ramen near my workplace (Okay not that near considering I had to walk a kilometer there, but good food is good food, if it is good, it is worth the trouble as in all good things in life)

And now for something good for all those that are thinking of getting some prints from me but find the pricing is kinda steep here (if you live in Sg you can get them directly from me, it is cheaper then getting through dA)

I will be having a sales on all my most popular artworks starting from next week for 2 weeks which is after the week of cosfest :D

So if you worried that I will not reduce the price for the item you want, you can leave a comment here :)

So Cheers~~~~
know someone who you treated as an adult, talk to as an adult, and for him to think like an adult only to realize that he think like a 10 years old, talk like a 5 years old, and treat you like a 3 year old?

I know met at least one online... and I believe there are more of them out there.

And then there's another group.

Those who think that whoever don't think the same way as themselves are bad/wrong/evil/lame/noob/dumb even when most people don't think the same way. Like for example, they think a poorly done artwork, which was totally done in traditional is way superior than any of those great artworks done digitally even when most normal people will just "meh" them.

also there's the misguided fanatics that you see in the real world, those with really strange thinking of, hey someone from the same country as you done something very bad, and so you are equally as bad. So if following that same logic... everyone shared all the crime in the world, ranging from murder/rape/theft/etc etc why? because everyone are connected in some ways, you either are from the same country/race/religion/industry/hair colour/interest group/ etc etc.

Let me quote a friend,"so..., if all those fanatics are really going to heaven as they were promised, I rather go to hell, being in the same place as those dudes are going to be worse than hell"
Anyone having problem loading the image for my latest deviation?

It is taking ages for me to load it
For people living in Singapore or planning to come to singapore for the Cosfest event, just to inform you guys/gals, I willing be having a booth selling prints again this year with the same team as last year. So anyone wishing to purchase any prints directly (which will definately be cheaper than through dA) from me during the event, please feel free to drop by.

But that say, I wouldn't be printing everything in my gallery, only the more popular ones, so in case you have any piece of artprint you have in mind, and worry that I am not gonna print it for sales, you can always leave me a note, I will specially print one copy of it for you (maximun size A3)

Oh yah, another thing, updates will be slow for this month, the onslaught of wedding dinners continue with the month packed with work... hopefully I can be free enough to do some personal artworks. And I swear I haven't been touching my PS3 and TF2.
Hmmmm been finding it hard to nagivate through my own dA page for the past 3 days, with very slow loading whenever I trying to load my messages, and sometimes even unable to reply to comments, got a couple of broken links too.

Sorry if I can't reply to messages for the last few days and the upcoming days -_-;;; pretty tied with work now... so if there is anything of great importance that anyone want to get hold of me, feel free to send me an email, ... but if you are going to add me on msn... please send me a note first :) I had been on the receiving end of quite a number of porn spam through msn contact adding, so whenever I see a email contact that look weird, I will block it.
My Art blog

why blue room? because my home room is blue, the studio i work in is blue, and i always have the blues on monday.... okay thats too cold i think... like the colour of blue

Anyway, thats my blog again... as many will notice, it is where i dump my incompleted wips and of course many of my rants whenever I need to let off some steam somewhere, where it wouldn't scald anyone...

I just posted something special up there, I might post that on dA in the future or not... for now I am only putting it there.
  • Listening to: The cries and suffering of his victims
  • Watching: Limbs and body parts flying around
  • Playing: Helios' head
Hahahahah I admit, dA got me with that, I actually thought someone hacked into the dA server and screwed around.

But well~ Team Jacob.... what can I say... -_-;
  • Listening to: The cries and suffering of his victims
  • Watching: Limbs and body parts flying around
  • Playing: Helios' head
Weeeee~~~~ just completed God of War 3 today, and I must say it is one hell of a journey.

This game is gonna share the top spot with Uncharted 2 (But in my opinion Uncharted 2 is still the best) among my list of top games for PS3, from the epic opening battle with the Sea god Poseidon and the gruesome murders of the rest of the greek gods, the game has met all of my expectation and will have totally blew my mind away if I had not witness some vids before hand. (Darn that teach me a lesson not to watch too much trailers and articles)

Also I had been playing the game in the studio and the rest of the studio had been treating it as a movie like Uncharted 2, with potato chips out (but I believe it will end soon when I start to spend time on the puzzles, this is where it lost out to uncharted 2, the puzzles are just too taxing for me...)

Weeeee and now I am done with the game, I can get back to the works piling up... hopefully I can clear them so that I can get back to my personal stuffs -_-; . There are still games I had yet to get like Bad Company 2, Heavy Rain, Resonance of Fate, Star Ocean 4 and Final Fantasy but I shall wait until I get more free time...
  • Listening to: The cries and suffering of his victims
  • Watching: Limbs and body parts flying around
  • Playing: Helios' head
AND .... He just got his copy of god of war III

One of the few good things about living in asia for a gamer is that in a case of worldwide release, we get to have a headstart and so here I have the game earlier and just took out the first amazing epic first boss :o

Now I am still shaking from the excitement of that battle, but unfortunately I had to tear myself about from my game console or I wouldn't be able to finish my work and I promised myself not to game during weekdays if I have work on... haiz... guess I just have to lay down my rage for the time being, before I show off the game to the guys in the studio.

Oh and I am very hyped up over starcraft 2, and had been checking and downloading video commentaries of great games that was fought in the beta :p Hopefully, it can help to prep me enough when I actually get my hand on the game (darn I want to get into the beta too >_< but unforturnately my original SC key is now considered a pirated key ... the hell....)

Darn...... becoming too much of a fanboy lately....