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Geeez my "aura" of destruction started again....

Latest victims my earphones, and most importantly my precious 160 Gb hdd, but thankful I managed to recover most of CG artworks from the hdd, the rest of the nearly 120 GB is now worthless to me.... althought I will surely missed some of the wonderful music, videos and movies....

Oh yah speaking of "most" artworks , those doesn't included the recent ones... but thankfully due to my over "backing up" of files, I have copies on my faithful PSP, my workplace comp and many other copies on the other hdd that are still kicking, so thats some good luck at least.

Oh yah as for my current personal project for the mangaka06 competition, finally only less than 1 month from the deadline then I finally get a confirmation that they only want one page of a comic, which I personally felt strange, as a manga shall have more than one page to fully show the extend of the artist's skill.

All the other competition that I know of required a number of pages. But then who cares anyone, I already have up to 6 pages ready although the only fight page is near the end which I have yet to start on.

But stay tuned, the first few pages might turn up earlier than expected. :D

This had been a great weekend, my DA reach my first 1000 before my targetted time. (Heeeheehe thanks everyone for popping up and looking at my gallery) Next a further goal >>> 10 000

Next, I got the chances to attend CG overdrive with the other artists of the studio, althought I get to enter the talks using a free pass (all booths holders have 3 of those passes), I will say a heavy pricetag of nearly 300 bucks is still worth the money.

I will say I am truthly inspired and movitated right now, especially after today's talk by Feng Zhu
Link >

Not only I learn some valuable techniques, my future goal had became clearer after the 3 days listening to the speakers (not all....)

And ya, thanks for visiting me at the booth :iconaco2099: :iconmikyo: =D
Oh man...

Thats a lot of people today compared to the past years, plus with the cosplayers posing nearly everywhere for photos, it doesn't help much.

This year seem grander than the previous years with almost 2 times the number of art booths.
As for me, I keep getting trapped in the IFS booth only venturing out once in a while.

As usual the screaming girls who loved to scream into their microphone turned me off and send me outside the dome to hide.

Managed to give out a few namecards to my friends but thats all, hopefully come CGoverdrive next week I will have more luck.

Another good thing about cosfest is, I got to meet up with some old friends who went MIA for the past years, and thats really is a reunion as what the title of this year cosfest say.

So... come next year... what shall I do, I promise Takahan the organisor of the event I will setup a booth next year but then... any idea what shall I sell or display? Hmmmmm 1 year more.
Cosfest 2006 this Sunday

Hmmmm was supposed to draw some something to sell for the event but other projects with higher prioity took up most of my free time....

So instead this year I will again be a "watcher" again...

I will be at the IFS booth but with nothing to sell, maybe the most I will bring my portfolio along (maybe only)

Lets hope I will get more time at school to prepare for next year event.

Will post a report for cosfest once I get back...
Woho.... other then the single frame in the gallery

I actually have another page completed, hopefully I can make it in time for the deadline.

I just begin the colouring part of the project by shooting myself in the foot....... (You will see why when
I post up everything)

So now that is 1 page down 7 pages more to go.

Other then the mangakao6 project, I still got a couple of ideas for manga on my mind, and once I got
the time I will start working on th individual character designs for the stories....

Oh yah Battlestar Galactica is a great show XD...... Grace Park is such a sweetie XD
Working with all the excellent artists at Imaginary Friends Studio really open my eyes to the world of digital painting. And with that my view and my likes changes with it.

My drawing experience and interest really started during my Secondary School (thats what my country call it) which is almost ....... minus 2yrs 6months in army.... minues 3 years rotting in Polytechnic (another local term I assume)... and 6 months waiting to get into Poly.... making it at least 6 years back.... and I really started at Secondary Yr1... so another 4 years....

So it make 10 years of drawing experince... But that 10 years is nothing compared to the months I spend in IFS at least in skillwise.

I started on this path with the aspiration of becoming a professional mangaka, and that was almost 10 years ago, but because of the lack of artists around and being young and arrogant, I gotten quite relaxed, and din't really work hard on the goal which I am regretting now....

But as I "aged" and know more people, I kinda realised I was like a frog in a well all that time.

But hopefully the mean thing call Time had not caught up with me and my dreams, for now the chase is on, I had already put myself into a position not to turn back and I will not turn back, for this is a 10 year old dream that I had not given up for so long, and I will not give it up.

And for any aspiring artists whos still had Time way behind them, please choose your choice fast and set off early and of course work hard, don't follow my example and start regretting when Time finally caught up.
It is coming to my third month working in Imaginary Friends Studio, and I will say I enjoyed every single day with them (not counting those days my tooth decided to try to kill me)

I learn alot there, especially colours and values, which I was extremely weak at. While my skills are not as good as the rest of them, I really hope I can improve in time to at the very least make it to the predicted second artbook, thus for now I have to practice and practice.

And so this end my second journal entry of the month..... (yup making a habit of 2 entry per month)
A long time had past but I finally got my paws onto my PS2 controller for the latest addition to the Konami's Genso Suikoden series.

After the disaster with Suikoden four, I din't have much high hopes for Suikoden V to speak, but all changed after a few hours into the game (erm... few = around 5-8 hours)..

Suikoden V is going to be a classic, at least for me. My taste for rpg is very different from most recent so called rpg gamers that look for games with Final fantasy standard of graphics, for me, I prefer a strong story, a story that will draw me into the main character's shoes, think like him (okay that means I just strike off all rpgs with female leads).

The Genso Suikoden series had one of the greatest story as a whole as all games are linked to a same world, just different time, recurring characters and characters with mysterious past add to it's charm.

Suikoden V is one fine example of this, with characters like Georg Prime, Lorelai, Killey, Viki and of course the sexy Jeane all returning from previous games.

While I had already had several favourite characters from the past games which only Viki is still around, Suikoden V brought me more favourites to add my lists.

Storywise, it had been a great run after 70 hours of gameplay getting the best endings and trying to gain high levels for the last boss. The story is great althought not as great as what suikoden II had, althought I sense many story concepts had been borrowed from past series, but characters of this game had all been presented well, each of them had their own characteristic, and when you try to recruit them, you will get to know of their history and goals making it more stories in itself.

Music wise, althought I still miss the neclord music from the first and second game, Suikoden V is still bless with some emotional music that might stick to your head, at least some did to me.

Oh yah back to favourite characters, for now my favourite characters design for the entire suikoden series are....

Leon Silverburg, the legendary tactician that started the spark of war... if you read carefully at the history of suikoden, you will see the chain of events that he sparked off from the keleka incident to the assasination of Luca Blight which eventual lead to more widespread warfare. (Keleka incident spark the Jowston-Scarlet War, then lend to the Toran liberation, the Luca Blight assasination prolong the Dunan unification war by halting the unstoppable the near invinicible Highland army lead by Luca Blight... heheh open for debate here XD)

Viktor, his personel story is one of my favourite, dealing with the vampire neclord and the exploration of his life stories.

Viki, ..... damn she's funny.... I wonder when will she get to eat the celebration dinner...

Richard from suikoden V, hahaaha another funny fella who pack a punch... or a sharp blade. People will think he is a hot fav among yaoi fans. LOL (sorry I am not a yaoi fan, I am a swordmaster fan)

Georg Prime, the mysterious swordman of Suikoden II get his story told in Suikoden V, and man thats a good story indeed, a member of Scarlet moon Empire six great generals, then a member of Falena's Queen's knights before serving in Dunan unification war..... if you play Suikoden V, you will love to had him in your party

hahaah now this is sounding like a game review.....

Anyway as an artist, and a suikoden fan, one of my dreams is to be able to work on one of the suikoden games...
Tagged from :iconyuusei:

The 1st player of this "game" starts with the topic "6 weird habits/things about yourself" and people who get tagged need to write a journal about their 6 weird habits/things as well as state this rule clearly.
In the end, you need to choose the next 6 people to be tagged and list their names.
Don't forget to leave a comment that says "you are tagged" in their devpage comments and tell them to read yours.

Now then, on with the weirdness!

1. I love weaponaries and martial art yet I don't like to hurt anyone.

2. I got the tendancy of drifting into my on fantasy world in almost anytime I am bored, hey in my mind I created 3 worlds of different environments (LOL I'm a weirdo).

3. I love strategy games because I love to guess people's moves, not the actual gameplay(I sux at gaming).

4. I will self destruct in front of people I like, talking very weirdly or doing strange things which I normally would do.

5. I love to try out new methods even when I know in my mind,it wouldn't work.

6. I believe I got split personality, sometimes I can be extremely calm and treat things with a open mind and forgiving, but sometimes I can be
   extreme volatile, every small things can and will be turn into fuel to feed the suddened fire and ruthlessly unforgiving.

hmmm the next victims are.....
:iconkinokunya: :iconkeesiao: :iconkaiz0: :iconbalhaza: :iconmoyan: :iconrainel:
I do not know what the hell happened, but this suddened pain attack in my gums just hitted me without notice

Now it's keeping me awake... and I am trying to keep myself from taking an overdose of painkiller....althought I think the pain will kill me if I don't take them...

I just don't understand why does all sort of bad things happen to the body at one shot... first is a gastic problem then now a gum problem... and its affecting my focus on learning new things...

How I wish there's a spell to cure these problems like in the RPG

(Currently on a dose of three panadol pills... )

Pain please go away, I had enough for this week....

Next Project update: Mecha??? (yup let me take a break from sword and magic)
Many had ask recently about my DA account name "luches" and my the other name "leos". So I think I better do some explaining, here first so I can direct people to the answer.

Luches was a very old nick that I used as an alternate to my current online persona as Okita, which I believe most of you guys know me as. Luches is the name of a character in the japanese anime/manga Bastard!.

As for Leos, its just a change from my name Leon, which was extremely rarely used all my 21 years, so after my militery services, I think for some time and decided to make a change to the name, and get a new beginning in life.

Now that I think of it, I lived with many different names throughout my life already, .... my normal chinese name for the primary school, my cantonese name for my secondary school and poly school and throughout militery services, my online nick of Okita for my online years.... geeez I must be a top candidate for intelligence unit  :ninja:   

Ok done with my long speech with I believe Balhaza as the only audience...




Geez does this sound like a blog or something????
Done shifting my place, gotta a nice glass desk for my room... no more Japanese style work place....

But major problem is still around, no room for my countless manga and books... hoping to get a new cupboard up for them, but second problem came sooner than expected... suspect my computer is giving way... its dying and I know it.

Anyway, gotten alot of pointers from kunkka, torei and artgerm on colours and painting for my recent works, hope I can improve more in a shorter time. Got to train more mentally and physically (can't run as fast and far as before, militery physical test anytime soon and I will be a goner)
What a busy and tiring week, but still my new place is still not ready. My walls
are still unpainted, my bed had not arrived, my working desk is not here too.
Now living like a Japanese, with half of my stuffs on the floor, and a small coffee table as my working desk.

Tried my paws on painter 8.0 for the week and falling in love with it the more
I used it, but then my comp's age is showing with each and every brush stroke

Guess its about time for an upgrade of some sort....